People's Premiere: the kids storm Fulham

Date 17th Mar 2009
The Youth premiere sold out ahead of Sunday night's screening and had kids and parents queuing to get in an hour before the doors opened. There was a virtual stampede when the doors did finally open. And while the grown-ups were wobbling up the green carpet on heels and bicyles the not-stupid generations were comfortably installed in plush seats with tubs of popcorn applauding the speakers being interviewed ahead of the film by Franny and Lizzie. 
The film, of course, stunned, shocked and wowed the audience. The next generation stayed glued to their seats for the post- film interviews. The president of the Maldives got a huge round of applause, eclipsed only by the cheers for Pete when he pledged to hand back his OBE.  
The evening was hosted by  We CAN  which is holding a rally at Parliament on Monday 23rd for anyone who wants to tell MP's to get their act together on climate change. ( Denise Stephenson, an actress (most recently seen in St Trinians) and Casper de Tuile, just back from the States where he'd been one of 12,000 young people to march on the Whitehouse's coal power station, spoke briefly after the event.
"I don't get it" said one thirteen year old, Theo Wilson, as he left the cinema, "if a tiny country like the Maldives can go carbon neutral, then why can't we. We don't have to wait for India or China to do anything. We could just do it. " 
Then he and his mates set about putting their 'stupid' stickers good use.