Public Quotes

"Age of Stupid is a totally awesome, truly MONUMENTAL achievement.  Terrifying - and yet exciting because as a propaganda tool it distills everything so powerfully into one rocket charged 90 min viewing."

"It is really moving to see how real people's lives have already been touched by climate change and how our narrow focus on consumption could bring us to the bleak scenario of the Arctic archive. The film makes you realise it could happen all too easily - we must not be that stupid!"

"To say I was utterly bowled over by the film would be an understatement; it left an indelible impression on me (in a way that An Inconceivable Truth never did) and I have raved about it ever since. In fact, my nearest and dearest all have compost bins and Age of Stupid t-shirts for Christmas. Thank you for waking me up to the impact of climate change and for providing the most accessible and impactful film on this subject I have ever seen."

"Fantastic effort.   You are really justifying my money.   I always knew I could do nothing on my own, but through you I really feel my voice is being heard."

"Fantastic film. Apart from the emotion of it all - it is the best articulation of the absurdity of modern life that I have ever seen. "

"It was a remarkable, fascinating and utterly brilliant film and I was very honoured to be invited."

"A brilliant film, very thought-provoking in a way that didn't feel like you were shouting at the viewer or making me feel guilty which is often the trap I think a lot of climate change activism falls into and ultimately leaves you feeling powerless to change anything.  You must all have worked so hard, I think it'll pay off! I am racking my brains for ways I can help (sadly I am not a secret millionaire!) & will be happy to promote the film to my networks and would be happy to volunteer during the time of the film's release in March if you need some extra hands. "

“I was absolutely blown away by your film. I thought it'd be good, but it was amazing. Heartbreakingly beautiful.”

“Just wanted to say congrats on the FANTASTIC film! Seeing the finished product yesterday was very exciting, and it really, really got me deep down inside, yet again. Wow.”

“Before I head off to a Shropshire village fete (don't ask) I wanted to say once again how impressed I was with how powerful the film is. I was blown away. Like a kick in the balls with a hug, I felt. I was on the verge of tears throughout. It's a fantastic piece of work and I really hope it wakes people up - I think you've done everything possible to make the message accessible without diluting it.”

“Thanks so much for inviting me to the screening - my head's still buzzing with it. Can't wait to see it again and tell everyone else to see it too. Congratulations - it's an absolutely amazing film. Awestruck.”

“Many congratulations on an incredible film. It looks fantastic, beautifully filmed, and it's so consumingly stimulating, with so many aspects to it, there's no way you could come out and talk about other things like you do after so many one-dimensional films.”

“Easy to say "well done" just after a screening with friends, but the film is seriously brilliant. The use of Pete is economical and skillful. The docs thread together seamlessly. and the graphics are beautiful, informative and never preachy. Stunning. Stunning. And Stunning.”

“The final cut is very impressive it really is. I'm sorry I didn't say goodbye before I left, I was feeling rather emotional actually.”

“It's not often in any of our lives that we can feel that we have really found and answered our vocation, but you two can be sure of that. We joke about saving the world, but this may just be a real piece of helping that salvation come in time.”

“My Goodness you're a talented pair! I was absolutely thrilled with "Stupid". What a tremendous achievement. It's really powerful; a knockout indeed and I loved the music. Not only is "Stupid" crammed with info but it has its funny moments and is touching too - both R and I had tears in our eyes at times.”

“Unsure why... but at some level i curiously feel deeply lifted and liberated... now, the morning after the film. Thought you should know... The power of a question mark .... ? Maybe you’ve created a feelgood movie where the feelgood only kicks in after 18 hours. Kinda “surprised by joy”.”

“Oh congratulations! what an epic achievement..i loved the film. so did the friend i came with. He said it was excellent, and appreciated the unique angle on climate change. i thought it was really smooth, flowed, very engaging throughout, not a word out of place, 90 mins passed by in a flash. excellent mix of macro/micro stores and the animation. it was a bit of a tear jerker seeing the children in jordan.. it was brilliant, the characters and stories were so strong. oh what incredible representatives of the world you found..i keep thinking of different parts of the film. i want to see it again. i take back my reservations of the title, i can see it fits the film now.”

“Absolutely awesome! I am sooo excited... You must be / should be / immensely proud.”

“I’m still kind of reeling; it was very powerful, v affecting.”

“If I were a film critic my review would be filled with words like moving, powerful, and must see! As a member of the audience I was totally engaged from beginning to end and was converted, without any preaching or lecturing, from being mildly concerned about climage change to a party bore on the urgency of the issue. I am convinced I will be the first amongst many converts and hope that this film gets the widest possible audience. Everyone I speak to asks the same question "what can i do?". The first thing I will be doing is telling everyone to go see "The Age of Stupid".”

“Had a very profound experience at the screening - with your film and with hearing you speak. Seeing someone so completely committed and true to themselves and their artistic vision. I actually can't quite convey the impact you had on me, so I'll just say hat off to you.”

“I would like to say that I left the Curzon feeling a whole host of emotions. I felt anger (I knew a little about the Shell issue in Kenya and have been boycotting them for some years now), despair, I laughed in places and I actually welled up in places. Your film is magnificent and I've been telling anyone who listens about it!”

“I really really loved the film. Sorry I didn't stay around for the party. I was actually completely overwhelmed and had to go and cry for ten minutes.”

“I don't think we see such nuanced characterisations in documentaries very often - particularly not in issue driven films.”

“You made me cry, and I wasn't alone. All yr investors, we were holding our breath hoping you'd done a good job. It was better than I'd dared hope. Awesome.”

“Age of Stupid is the kind of film you want everyone you know to see.”

“The film itself was a masterpiece and a prime example of first class British film making from a very talented crew and cast. I will do everything I can to get word out across the industry about ‘The Age of Stupid’. ”

“I was so impressed by the film. I loved the tonal balance of the story - to use climate change terms, which would seem fitting - not too hot, not too cold, just right - a real makes you laugh, makes you cry and most importantly makes you think kind of film. ”

“What an amazing film and what an amazing response! So powerful and so moving, I seemed to blubbering most of the way through.”