Quotes from the Filmmakers

“The stakes are very, very high. They’re through the roof. So when I looked at the subject and what the film is trying to do, there was no option really, I had to do it.” Pete Postlethwaite, actor


“To pack that much information into a film that is exciting, moving, keeps you engaged all the way through is phenomenal. It’s an extraordinary achievement.” Pete Postlethwaite, actor


“The opening sequence is phenomenal. It’s Spielberg, eat your heart out.” Pete Postlethwaite, actor




“The archivist is a brilliant touch, because given the depth and the size of the facts that you’re looking at, somehow or other that human element, that person who is looking directly at you and is obviously affected by it himself is like a mirror to the audience.” Pete Postlethwaite, actor


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"Age of Stupid is the most ambitious film I’ve been involved with to date. Filmed over four years, five central characters, an on-screen narrator, plus a huge animation element, it is a credit to all the team that, despite the many challenges combining all these elements, the film successfully carries the intended message.” John Battsek, executive producer


"Either we seriously tackle climate change or we wipe out most life on Earth. So it's not a tricky decision, as a filmmaker, to decide which subject to work on. I find it hard to understand how anyone who grasps the problem can work on anything else." Franny Armstrong, Director


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