The Age of Stupid -- A Documentary About Us. (Hey, Wait a Minute...)

A Change in the Wind
16 September 2009

Gotta admire the wit of English filmmaker Fanny Armstrong. Instead of warning us of climate change disasters to come, she mocks our thick-headed inability to listen to these warnings from from the distant future.

It's a clever way to make a point.

Her film, bluntly called "The Age of Stupid," is built around the idea that we humans are -- as friend Andy Lipkis of TreePeople likes to say -- "denial machines," far better at avoiding the truth than facing it.

To dramatize this, she imagines a future with a rare survivor, looking sardonically back on our era.

Could she be right?

(Well, experts say our species is not facing extinction -- unlike many others. But life as we know it might be changing faster than our ability to adapt. What will that feel like? And is it nitpicking to point out that we may suffer greatly, with millions upon millions dying, but still survive as a species?) 

Maybe that's the big question. Can we cope with an unprecedented challenge from the planet itself?

Here's the trailer...