Screenings in Bulgaria

22nd November. This page is under construction, sorry for all the mess. The screening information is correct.

A good turn out in Bulgaria for the Global Premiere, 22nd September, 2009, many climate conscious young people there. Plans for more Indie Screenings throughout the 2010.

The Age of Stupid came to Bulgaria and to Arena West Cinema in Sofia on 22 Sept. at 7.45 for the beginning at 7.55 of a live per satellite global event celebrating and featuring the amazing British documentary film that is influencing government policy regarding climate change and that is behind the new public low carbon campaign 10:10.

First the good news... more than 280 people came to the event, mostly young, enviromentally conscious people. An informal survey after the film gave a lot of very positive responses to the film.

And the ‘bad’ news? Basically because of the almost total lack of green consciousness amongst the Bulgarian business/commercial community, including the film distribution business, there wasn’t very much greeness to be seen in action in or around the event. Which of course meant that the vast majority left the cinema as soon as the film ended, without staying on to look at the live discussions, let alone to discuss amongst themselves.

However, some of us learnt a lot from the experience and there certainly will be indy showings combined with educational activities starting this year and going on to 2010.

There was an interesting film criticism in one of the two English language online newspapers - The Sofia Echo - but there does not seem to have been much of a reaction at all in other Bulgarian media.

Politically speaking, the main problem seems to be passivity. After decades of authoritarian communism it is going to take quite a lot of time to educate the populace regarding active involvement in any political issue let alone the environmental, the ecological or organic issues. However there are a few very engaged and active NGOs and since 2008 there is a real Green political party. (There were in the past two other parties who tried to wear a green coat but it did not really fit!).

There is a “Green Think Tank”, the Green Policy Institute, based in Sofia, Bulgaria which also has an English language news service blog.

If you are from the English language media in Bulgaria ...If you are from the Bulgarian NGO scene concerned with environment, climate change ... If you are from the English speaking cultural scene in Sofia or in other parts of Bulgaria ... Please contact Bryn Jones on 0887 444 824 and he will put you in touch with the relevant information sources, Bulgarian language publicity material, etc

On September 21st / 22nd, on the eve of the UN General Assembly's climate session, The Age of Stupid was launched internationally at the biggest and greenest live film event the world has ever seen. A-list celebrities walked the green carpet to an eco cinema tent in downtown New York, linked by satellite to 700 cinemas in 50+ countries. Take a look at the photos below from the events around the world and see the Global Premiere page for the full report.

The Age of Stupid DVD double-disc extravaganza, in 31 languages and with more than six hours of Extras is now available to pre-order here. From October 5th anyone anywhere can buy a license to screen The Age of Stupid in their school/pub/church/multinational oil corporation. First screening date: October 24th (=international day of climate action). More info from the Indie Screenings website or join the mailing list for a reminder when booking opens.

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