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German Premieres, Berlin & Hamburg

1st June 2010
A climate refugee camp was built outside the Berlin cinema for the premiere, and then Stupid opened in 12 cities: Berlin, Hamburg, München, Nürnberg, Bonn, Frankfurt, Potsdam, Gütersloh, Freiberg, Göttingen, Bremen, Hannover and Köln.

-> German-language Stupid website
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On your head with Ed


Copenhagen UN Climate Summit

December 2010
Team Stupid were concentrating on producing their daily web TV show, The Stupid Show, from Copenhagen, but there were also least six Stupid screenings around the city, including inside the conference centre itself. Lizzie and Franny spoke after the City Hall screening and got chatting to a member of the audience... who just so happened to be Yann Arthus-Bertrand and convinced his organisation to run 10:10 France.

-> Copenhagen screenings listings


Screening in bar carriage of train

On the train to Copenhagen

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From a small office in London to a large conference in Brussels

Brussels Link Up

Big audience of European policy people

Me trying to answer complicated questions using scary star trek like video linkup technology


24th June 2009


Top climate bods at Work Foundation Screening

Work Foundation

Bill McKIbben, Will Hutton


Ed Miliband and Franny Armstrong

The Global Premiere - New York

21 September 2009
We ratcheted up one final notch for Stupid's Global Premiere on September 21st 2009, which was the biggest live film event ever held: top celebs walked the green carpet at our renewably-powered cinema tent in New York after arriving by sailing boat, bicycle, rickshaw, electric car and skates; Kofi Annan, Dr Pachauri and Ed Miliband spoke; Greenpeace linked in live from the Himalayas and Indonesia; Moby and Thom Yorke from Radiohead played live and the whole lot was linked by satellite to more than 700 cinemas and other venues in 63 countries, with a total audience of more than a million people.

-> Video

The Global Premiere - Vanuatu

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The Global Premiere - Argentina
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The Global Premiere - Amsterdam
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More Global Premieres...


Green carpet and solar cinema tent


Australia & New Zealand Premiere

19 August 2009
we headed downunder (yes, two of us flew there - see here for reasoning) for the joint Australia and NZ premiere on August 19th 2009. A solar-powered tent in downtown Auckland was linked by satellite to Cate Blanchett's Sydney Theatre, with a live link-up to a Greenpeace ship in the Arctic and celebs aplenty on the green carpets - with the whole lot beaming live into cinemas across the land.

-> Video

Australian parliament screening

Australian Parliament

17 August 2009



The Audience at Latitude 2009

Budget promo at Latitude

Ed Miliband Round 3: Latitude Festiva


Franny and Ed at Hay Ed Miliband Round 2: Hay Festival

Stupid at Cannes (ish)

Stupid in a van

Cannes Film Festival

18 May 2009

Screening on tha back of a van for Cannes in a Van



Ed Miliband Round 2: Tricycle Theatre (birth of 10:10)


Pete receiving his new OBE

UK Cinema Release

21 speakers around the country


Environment Protection Agency

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World Bank

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Indie Screenings Launch at the RSA and simultaneously at 71 sites

Feedback at: http://peek.spannerfilms.net/news/indie_stupid_nation



May 22 2009

Franny Armstrong & Kofi Annan

Pete Postlethwaite & Franny Armstrong



Kofi Annan's Screening

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Pete's special pledge

UK People's Premiere

15 March 2009
Stupid was launched in the UK on 15th March 2009 at the People's Premiere. The green-carpet, solar-powered, celeb-tastic event broke the Guinness World Record for biggest simultaneous film screening (the cinema tent in Leicester Square beamed live by satellite to 61 cinemas round the country), whilst producing just 1% of the emissions of a normal premiere. Highlights included Gillian Anderson, Ken Livingstone, Will Young and loads of celebs on the green carpet, President Nasheed announcing that the Maldives will go carbon neutral in ten years and Pete Postlethwaite ambushing Climate Minister Ed Miliband with a giant pledge (resulting in, a month later, Ed changing the UK coal policy). And Stupid was Number 1 at the Box Office (by screen average) for a week too.

-> Video

Scottish Government

5 March 2009

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DECC x 2

24 Feb 2009

800 DECC staff given two hours off work to go down to the Curzon in Soho and watch the film.

Lizzie grilled by successively more scary policy wonks with job titles like 'head of nuclear policy team" or "research analyst for middle eastern oil department. DECC staff generally reinspired. ED worried about a Stupid ambush.


European Parliament

10 Feb 2009

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-> Video

UN screening at Poznan

UN Climate Summit, Poznan

9 December 2008
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IDFA promotion

The monk makes peace with the panel

Amsterdam Documentary Festival

24 November 2008

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Ken Livingstone supports Stupid

NGO private screening

4 Sept 2008

-> Video



Parliament screening, Franny and Pete P

UK Parliament

21st July 2008

- Biggest turn-out since Beer Festival

-> Video
-> News item




Team Stupid Sunny Side

La Rochelle Film Market

24 June 2008
won prizes. Fernand was there

-> Dad's video
-> Fernand interview





Test screening - investors fill in feedback forms 3

Investors & Crew private screening

24 May 2008

-> Dad's video




Be The Change work-in-progress

15 Nov 2007

Met loads of our key funders. Met Anthony Smith!

Sheffield Doc Festival Work-in-progress

11 Nov 2007


Disastrous Test Screening @ Curzon Soho

8 Sept 2007

-> Video

Millions of Focus Groupie Screenings @ Franny's house

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Feb - April 2008 I think