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Tickets on sale tomorrow, 10am

Location | Mood | Date 23 February 2009
Morning Looks like we're doing it then... tickets for the People's Premiere go on sale tomorrow at 10am from here: www.ageofstupid.net/premiere Obviously the page will look very different in the morning.

Tickets on sale now: how you can help

Location | Mood | Date 24 February 2009
Morning all,  Today and today only we're going to send two emails to the list.  Sorry for the overload, but I hope you'll agree it's a special occasion.  This one explains how you can help and the following is for forwarding to everyone you've ever met. 

Stirring the Scots

Location Edinburgh Filmhouse | Mood Intrepid | Date 13 January 2009
Hello, my name is Daniel Vockins and I’m Not Stupid's new Campaign Coordinator for the coming year. I’ll be overseeing the premiere, release week and lots of the Not Stupid campaign work in what is almost without doubt the best job in the world.

Five years ago today

Location Edit room in the office, 11.45pm | Mood Frazzled satisfaction | Date 26 June 2007
It's exactly five years to the day - possibly to the hour - that we thought of the idea for the film, so strikes me as a delightfully auspicious moment to go public about our little project.

McLibel hits the cinema nine years later

Location BBC Broadcasting House | Mood School reunion | Date 15 February 2006
Interviews all day for McLibel UK cinema release. Been signed up by very sweet distributors who are acting like it's the first ever screening. Helen, Dave and me are all jaded - has been nine yeas since our first ever screening, after all - but trying to be enthusiastic. Revelation (the distributors) seem to have got tonnes of press interest - press preview the other day was packed and none of the journos left till the end, which is apparently the best you can hope for.

Can't ignore Nigeria

Location Healthy Eating Cafe in Camden | Mood Preparing for long battle ahead | Date 11 October 2005
Two good thoughts from "The End of Oil" conference today. 1. The problem is: how do we market austerity?