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A good turn out for the Global Premiere, 22nd September, 2009, many climate conscious young people there. Plans for more Indie Screenings throughout the year.

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Vinuta Gopal
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Greenpeace India
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No broadcast planned
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<p>On 22 September 2009 there was the Green Carpet Premiere of the hard-hitting ‘drama-documentary-animation’ on climate change &quot;The Age of Stupid&quot; at PVR Premiere [Select Citywalk, Saket, New Delhi, India] organised by Greenpace and tcktcktck[a global alliance of civil society calling for binding climate change agreements] supported by the PVR CSR wing. Oscar nominated director Shekhar Kapur and some other dignitaries were also present.</p><p>Film maker <strong>Shekhar Kapur</strong> spoke for about 7 minutes. He regretted that our glaciers were fast receding and that should be a supreme concern to the 1.3 billion people who depend on them for water.</p><p>  <br /><strong>Report from Greenpeace India representative:</strong> <br /> <br />Hi guys, <br /> <br />I am still getting over the green carpet premiere of AOS last night in Delhi, after deciding that we will be getting involved on the 14th of September <span class="__mozilla-findbar-search" style="padding: 0pt; background-color: yellow; display: inline; font-size: inherit; color: black"></span>finally managing at least a months workload in a weeks time was a big challenge but the team managed it pretty smooth, the venue was a posh south Delhi multiplex called PVR which has a seating capacity of 422 people,  after a couple of days of promotions, 100 posters put up across Delhi, print ads in the two leading English dailies, promotions on radio, non stop slogging for a week we were ready for the Big day. <br /> <br />A green carpet was laid at the venue with 10 volunteers running the show on ground, the guests started pouring at 6:30, among the vips we had director shekhar kapur who had given a message the same morning to Newyork from Rohtang pass, among other guests were also, co director of slumdog -luvleen tandon, photographer Raghu rai with his family, Jaya jaitley, ex climate negotiater and advisor with the planning comission on energy-surya sethi, a barrage of NGO's school principals, our cyber activists, supporters, friends and colleagues all added up to around 320 people occupying the Auditorium 4.  <br /> <br />It started with Shekhar kapur sharing about his morning experience at the himalayas, which was followed by a one minute footage of his morning message to UNGA, then the film took over, i could only see the film in parts as i had to step out of the auditorium frequently to ensure reactions of people leaving midway but in end i did hear a huge round of applause for the movie. For me the highpoint of the day was, volunteers running the show on ground and our Fund-raising team were the guests of honor.</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>&nbsp;</p>

We apologise for the break in diary service

Location India | Mood Deeply traumatised by events in Nigeria | Date 10 January 2007
Hello anyone who might be reading this. Sorry I haven't had a moment to get the diary entries from August to December up here.

Getting deeply annoyed

Location Feet up on the wobbly desk in the office. Really should stick a 4th leg on it soon. | Mood Abandoned | Date 8 February 2007
Getting deeply annoyed with Lizzie as her holiday in India seems to be ever extending. It started as a week, then became 9 days, now I've just got an email saying it's going to extend again unless I have "violent objections". Two weeks holiday during Crude? What does she think this is, a proper job? She'll be wanting a pension plan and health cover next.

The last ever flight for Crude

Location Enjoying the last ever view from a plane's window | Mood Mightily relieved | Date 30 January 2007
Sharing a bed & office for the best part of 2 years... Photograph: Charlotte Rushton  

Putting film before friend

Location Royal Free Hospital waiting room | Mood Guilty | Date 3 November 2005
Everything's gone pear-shaped. The surgeon sprang a last-minute major decision on Best Pal just before she had to go in for the operation. Exactly the reason she'd wanted me to always be there - to help disentangle the jargon. But I wasn't, and now she thinks she made the wrong decision and isn't blaming me as such, but did say, "I've never needed anyone as much as I needed you then, and you weren't there". So now I'm feeling guilt-stricken that I put my film before my friend.

Cattle class to Heathrow

Location Cattle class to Heathrow | Mood Worried | Date 31 October 2005
I've been helping my Best Pal wade through a million and one medical decisions to do with major surgery she has to have next year. She gets bamboozled by the doctors, so I've been going along to her appointments and taking notes. Which is fine, except two days ago they called her and said they have a cancellation and her operation is... today.

Documentary poetry with Jeh

Location Hotel room in Mumbai | Mood Soldiering on | Date 27 October 2005
Our hero Photograph: Patrick Igonet  

No airport filming passes for non-Indians

Location Hotel room in Mumbai | Mood Lonely | Date 25 October 2005
I've been following the cabin crew around for days, trying to film them doing their life raft practice.  Day one, we all got to the pool, but it was only three-feet deep, so hard to practise drowning. Day two, we get to pool two, they all change into their shorts, t-shirts and life jackets and line up by the edge ready to jump. I've got a lovely wee shot set up. Water sparkling, sun shining, girls who can't swim trembling. Then Mr Hotel Owner informs them that swimming in t-shirts is not allowed in his pool. Two-hour discussion ensues. Really two hours.

In the cockpit with my feet up

Location Hotel room in Mumbai | Mood Annoyed with self | Date 21 October 2005
Flying in a big jumbo is pretty damn good fun. Especially with the giggliest pilots ever. (I asked them if they were always so hysterical, or whether there was some impending doom they were reacting to that I should know about, but they said they were just happy to be working together, cos normally their shifts don't coincide. They've signed up for 6 months in India, gawd bless 'em. Never been before. Don't speak Hindi. Bringing babies.

Doing the bad things

Location Any seat I like | Mood Excited | Date 19 October 2005
One of the best things about making documentaries is that you get to do all the bad things in the name of helping the rest of our species realise that they should stop doing the bad things. In this case, I'm flying from Singapore to Mumbai on the spare seat in the cockpit of a jumbo. Except I now know it's the jump seat on the flight deck of a 320. That's not such a good thing about getting immersed in so many new worlds - coming out with the lingo.