The Alps

I'm in love! With an 81-year-old!

Location Hotel with WIFI access down the road from our apartment | Mood Euphoric | Date 14 December 2005
Who could help but fall in love with Fernand?

Swopping Francesco for a mountain guide

Location Chamonix, France. Swanky apartment. Ditched the David Lynch one. | Mood Can't get enough of the mountain air | Date 12 December 2005
I've slowly come to the conclusion that Francesco is not the right person for us as he spends all his time sitting round committee tables/conferences talking about climate change, rather than experiencing it. So, after some helpful suggestions from our 124-strong "Crude Insiders" email list (everyone who gave money or is working on the film), we've set our hearts on finding a French mountain guide, who works up in the mountains and sees all the changes.

Toasting our survival

Location Classic Alpine chalet, Morzine, France | Mood Frustrated | Date 17 September 2005
Francesco Frangialli is surely the busiest man in the world ever. He flew ten times around the world last year. But we've managed to coordinate a one-hour slot in his schedule, between New York and Namibia, in which we can pick him up from Geneva airport, drive him to the Chamonix glaciers and film him talking with a local expert about how far they've melted. Everything goes swimmingly... planes, hire cars, trains, equipment, expert, Francesco... until... fog.

First confirmed Crude character

Location Outside the (closed) Eurostar office at Paris train station | Mood Incredulous to not be cold lying on stone floor in shorts and t-shirt in middle of night. Good old global warming. | Date 14 June 2005
Our plan to save a few quid on non-exchangeable Eurostar tickets has backfired and left us spending the night in a Paris train station. (Could have got a hotel for four hours, but felt too bad spending our sponsors' cash). Lizzie is sleeping next to me, but I'm not sure we should leave 10,000 quids worth of camera equipment unguarded all night. So I'm texting friends in different time zones, finally listening properly to the brilliant Holy Joy album (as heard on McLibel) and updating this threadbare diary.