David G Hill

crew - David G Hill
Kentish Town triangle
The Age of Stupid
Time on the job:
Jet, jeep, bus or bike:
Walking distance or I'm not editing it
Original connection:
top stair, chalk farm, new year's eve 1998, hands in the air, moby "why does my heart feel so bad"
Memorable moment:
sipping organic earl grey tea at the edit while texting franny's mobile at bottom of niger delta
Scared of:
reaching total life
Guilty of:
bought 40" sony bravia LCD TV while cutting AoS


David has more than 50 TV and cinema documentary and drama credits to his name - including 'Game Over: Kasparov and the Machine', 'Born Equal', 'Love + Hate' and Franny's film 'McLibel'.


David on board
The structure of the film - early on
The trials of making a trailer


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The Trailer




Stuff done:

  • "Born Equal", 2006, 80mins: With an all-star cast, Born Equal is a major new drama from Bafta-winning writer and director Dominic Savage. The action is centred around a B&B temporarily housing the homeless and dispossessed.
  • "Love + Hate", 2005, 85mins: Love + Hate is a modern love story set across the racial divide in a Northern town.
  • "Game Over", 2003, 85mins: Set amidst New York's towering Corporate HQ's in a ultra high tech world of collapsed Enrons, GAME OVER is a film that defines an era.
  • "Out of Control", 2002, 80mins: An angry, nihilistic drama told with gut-renching conviction, Out Of Control confirms writer-director Dominic Savage as the standard bearer for the raw, social realist traditions established and refined by Ken Loach and the
  • "When I was 12", 2001, 75mins: Winner of Best Single Drama BAFTA 2002.
  • "Sex, Lies and Jerzy Kosinski", 1995, 60mins: Arts Documentary Emmy Nomination.


  • Variety, for 'Game Over': David Hill's hands-around-the-throat editing pace...pushes the pic into the docu field's commercial penthouse